Need Help Finding, Vetting and Hiring a Nanny? Don't Want to Go Through an Agency? 🙋

Other Nanny Agencies DO NOT want you to see this! 

The EXACT Step by Step Process a Top New York Nanny Placement Agency Uses to Find, Vet and Hire Top Tier Nannies

The EXACT step by step process a top New York Nanny Placement Agency uses to Find and Vet Top Tier Nannies 

Other Nanny Agencies DO NOT want you to see this! 

  • Sources to Find a Nanny
  • ​15 Steps Used by Nanny Placement Experts To Vet & Hire a Nanny
  • ​Tips on How to Avoid Wasting Your Time
  • ​Frequent Questions We Get Asked As An Agency 
  • ​Nanny Qualification Questionnaire
  • ​Initial Interview Questions
  • ​Questions to Ask on the Video Interview 
  • ​Tips on Running a Background Check
  • ​Reference Call Questions and Tips
  • ​Things to Look for During a Trial 
  • ​Points to Discuss When Hiring A Nanny 

BONUS: We'll provide the exact templates our team uses to help structure and organize your search! 

What You'll Learn:

Tips on Finding a Nanny 

Tips on where to find a nanny, what to do when you find one and how to try and be sure you did a good job vetting them!

Help with the Nanny Hiring Process

Found a nanny and unsure if you fully vetted them? See how our experts find nannies, vet nannies and the process of hiring one!

Exclusive Access to Documents

Get access to our qualifying nanny questionnaire, interview questions and tips on what to look for from our agency's experts, how to help avoid common nanny hiring mistakes and what to be aware of before you hire someone!


 "I was doing so much research on hiring a nanny and I really had no idea what is the best way to find or even choose who to hire. I never had to interview anyone before we never had a nanny so while I was doing research I came across this e-book in a FB group and I bought it. It was so helpful it literally gives you a full guide and tips at each stage. If you are hiring a nanny and either have never had one before or just are unsure what you should be doing this will save you! Totally worth it! "

- Susan H. Sacramento

 "I was looking at working with a few different agencies in NY and I came across KBC Childcare. I loved what they offered, how personalized the service was and I personally spoke with the founder. She was kind, knowledgeable and really took the time to listen. Unfortunately we couldn't afford the placement fee and she shared that the e-book just came out. It was so helpful and really explained a lot. I was very happy with the book and felt it was helpful in us finding and hiring our nanny."

- Kelly B. Westbury, NY

 "If you are hiring a nanny and want to be sure you are going through the right steps then you need this book. It gives great examples of what to ask the nannies and definitely helped me organize my search and eliminate wasting too much time. Definitely recommend."

 -Tamara J. Tallahassee, FL   

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